TPRIG – Live Tweeting Apr 24-26 on Revising or Reconstructing, from the Ground Up, how we do Research on Parkinson’s


At the end of April there will be a groundbreaking conference on Research in Parkinson’s downtown in Toronto.  The conference will focus on “can advances in biomarkers and disease modification be revised to concentrate on commonalities of pathogenic mechanisms in large populations OR do they need to be reconstructed for application to smaller subgroups of patients, distinguished by well-defined molecular characteristics?” 

Ben talk in Hamilton

Ben and Hugh will follow on TPRIG’s first presentation on the Science of Parkinson’s held March 9, 2019 at the Hamilton Parkinson’s Support Group

The next Meeting is May 6, 2019 – in Whitby Ontario, presenting:  

  1. Benjamin Stecher on “What the World is Working on” (Bio)
  2. Hugh Johnston on “A View on Research a “Freshly Minted” Parkinson’s Patients” (Bio)
  3. Open discussion + Q & A

*Note: The Toronto Parkinson’s Research Interest group is not a support group, it has been set up for those who have a genuine interest the Science of  Parkinson’s and Parkinson’s Research to find disease modifying treatments and a Cure. 

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